The fort regarding Sexaginta Prista was part of it strings of army camps

A good Roman retreat within the Sexaginta Prista – Varbin Varbanov

Ruse – Rousse is town in northeast Bulgaria having society of around 180000, off to the right financial of your own Danube River, close to the mouth area of your Rusenski Lom River, reverse the fresh new Romanian city of Giurgiu, in which it is connected by the Friendship Link. Town of Ruse is positioned 320 kilometres north-eastern of Sofia, 203 kilometres northern-west of Varna and 106 kilometres north-eastern away from Veliko Turnovo and undoubtedly means new Bulgarian pearl for the the newest Danube Lake. The metropolis from Ruse has actually a surprising multi-cultural reputation which will be a cleverly built mix of Bulgarian and Romanian societies. It’s a pleasant city that have greater channels, highest squares and you may great houses after the a style of “national Renaissance” structures. The town off Ruse expands on the residential property-linked Matey island in addition to lips of Rusenski Lom River for the western so you’re able to Srabcheto slope towards the eastern. Ruse contains the most significant river vent during the Bulgaria on the Danube River, and that appropriate place and a beneficial connectivity with a different parts of European countries firmly led to development of the city from the record.

This new fortress away from Sexaginta Prista survived for almost half dozen years and you may after that perished under the storms of Avar invasions

Thracians of Getae group paid for the Ruse urban area about 6th century BC and you can written crucial trade, religious and management Thracian (Getic) center . It wasn’t long before Thracians-Getae tribe experienced the fresh Roman extension and you may conquest, into the kingdom gathered an army presence on the basin of the Straight down Danube year after year. Th elizabeth Roman state out of Moesia try created in 15 Post and you may are reorganised when you look at the 86 Advertising for the several provinces: Moesia advanced and you will Moesia substandard. The newest state regarding Lower Moesia safeguarded the greatest section of immediately Northern Bulgaria and you will North Dobrudja (in the Romania). Its absolute northern border try the brand new Danube River into the whoever right lender Roman postings have been discovered. This new fort away from Sexaginta Prista is actually element of it strings out of armed forces camps, located in the proximity of your own mouth of your own Rusenski Lom Lake, about central part of the modern-day city of Ruse-Rousse.

“The fresh new Roman state out of Moesia are established in fifteen An effective D and is reorganised during the 86 Ad into the one or two provinces: Moesia advanced and you may Moesia inferior. The fresh new province out-of All the way down Moesia secured the most significant element of now Northern Bulgaria and Northern Dobrudja (for the Romania). Their natural north edging are the new Danube River for the whoever best bank Roman listings have been discover. It was found in the proximity of mouth of one’s Rusenski Lom Lake, on main a portion of the modern town of Rousse…… In the center of the first century A beneficial.D., good Roman navalbase, entitled Sexaginta Prista, is actually located at the fresh lips off theRusenski Lom Lake. After, the first Roman fort,developed into the rule of Emperor Domitian, remaining it term. Regarding the 2nd century A beneficial.D., a temple serious about Apollo and also the Tracian Driver was erected over the pit?eld. Your website stayed good cult centr age up to the start of the fourth century A beneficial.D., if the Later Roman fort away from Sexaginta Prista is actually constructed. The fresh principia of your fort were built across the remains away from the newest temple”.

This new Thracian payment became a beneficial Roman naval focus on the low Danube inside 70 A, below Emperor Vespasian. While you are Nero are new emperor there had been here 5 legions, if you are good century after Marcus Aurelius made them twelve. The fresh new old station have to have already been built beneath the Roman Emperor Vespasianus (69-79) who created a fortress called Sexaginta Prista on the higher Danube lake (the new harbour of sixty vessels), from where they triggered Novae /Svishtov/, Marcianopolis /Devnia/, Odessos /Varna/…. Which “city of sixty boats” became a primary lake vent with anchoring berths and you will wharfs to possess brand new popular Roman Purple Danube Fleet, hence went more than out of Noviodunum offer Istrum (today: Isaccea, Romania) and you will controlled and you can safeguarded the whole economic and you can military site visitors ranging from the newest Black Sea, the new Danube Delta additionally the Iron Doors of your own Danube. Excavations provides brought facts you to through the Trapaign against the Dacians, Sexaginta Prista is the main foot away from their warships. Sexaginta Prista was placed on the brand new Roman chart out-of military paths Tabula Pointingeriana you to Marcus Agrippa received in the 1st century. Throughout the 6th century Byzantine Emperor Justinian solidly strengthened they and you can the place became an essential component of your own Byzantine immune system hence, although not, surrendered into the barbarian swells. For centuries after the woeful shadow out-of destruction haunted the area so there wasn’t a local, recovered between the 9th plus the 11th century. The latest Bulgarian feudal county had a savings in the type and you will insignificant trading, so that the payment to the larger river is almost derelict. The new Turks who enjoyed the metropolis very much made use of a beneficial diminutive mode, Roustchouk.